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Judicial Administration

Specialized in the field, we conduct the work with dynamism, speed and efficiency to the Judiciary. We have a technical staff in the legal, administrative, accounting and financial areas.


Since 1995, we have formed a multidisciplinary team of professionals, in which each member is the technical responsible for their area. We are, therefore, independent, impartial expertise and we strive for constant improvement to best develop the service entrusted to us, developing it with quality, efficiency and responsibility.

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Avenida Cândido de Abreu, 776, Sala 1107
Centro Cívico - CEP: 80.530-000

Telephone: (41) 4042-2442


Rodovia Admar Gonzaga, 440, Sala 702
Itacorubi - CEP: 88.034-000

Telephone: (48) 4009-2123


Rua Visconde de Mauá, 1795,
Santo Antônio - CEP: 89.218-040

Telephone: (47) 99111-2490


Rua Santiago, 62, Sala 7
Guanabara - CEP: 86.050-170

Telephone: (43) 3026-5555

São Paulo

Rua do Bosque, 1589, cj. 1107
Barra Funda - CEP: 01.136-001